Dr. Paul C Drago is very renowned head and neck physician from South Carolina and completed his bachelor of science in zoology 1985 from university of Maryland ,Medical degree from Ohio state university and a medical practitioner who is expert in Otolaryngology. A wide range of responsibilities served by him include- providing routine medical services, emergency treatment, and long-term sickness care and give you the best treatment and also had a goal to provide all first class service surgeon and serve at Genesis ENT and plastic surgery, PLLC, in Charlotte and Central Carolina Ear, Nose, Throat and Audiological Center PA, in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Dr Paul Drago is one of the top surgeons and he has been in this profession from about 30 years now and also given different presentations through the compass of his job, which cover to an incredible degree for reaching extent of focuses. Dr Paul has made requisite efforts for a better tomorrow, in this world everyone is looking forward to make his or her lives better and lead a happier life. Dr Paul Drago famous for the knowledge he shares with the public related to these innocuous diseases.

Dr Paul Drago takes up the extremely serious cases and ensures that the patient is provided with the best of treatment irrespective of the squirming circumstances they were brought to the hospital and known for the efforts he has contributed to the world. we can see Dr Paul Drago Images , a highly experienced surgeon, and gained a lot of knowledge in his profession along with love and respect of his patients .

Dr Paul Drago proved his mettle as a plastic surgeon and he is now known for the amazing treatment he provides to people under squirming circumstances and currently serving as Medical Director and Otolaryngology Consultant for the Branch of Correction in South Carolina. Dr Paul Drago says, plastic surgery is the best way to improve your look and he is the one of the best surgeon.


Dr. Paul Drago: Ranked as highest Otolaryngologist in South Carolina

In a recent survey given to allergy sufferers and other patients afflicted by ear, nose and throat issues, it was revealed that Dr. Paul Drago ranked higher than any other ENT specialist in the state of South Carolina.

Dr. Paul Drago, who completed his Bachelor of Science Degree in Zoology with honors at the University of Maryland in 1985. His undergraduate achievements include serving as a Pre-Medical Counseor and earning the President’s Scholarship Award. Continuing his education at the Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1990. He then went to complete a posrdoctoral internship in general surgery at Yale New Haven Hospital, a residency in otolaryngology, and a fellowship in facial plastics and reconstructive surgery at LSU-Shreveport.

According to the survey, he was found to be a high quality of care doctor to his patients. He has also the highest in the area of South Carolina of total wait time, level of trust in provider’s decisions, time spent with patient and friendliness and courteuousness.

He utilizes the latest technologies and treatment methods available to ensure relief from Sinus and Allergy conditions. Dr. Paul Drago’s methods are both less intrusive and more effective and also significantly cheaper.

As stated by one of his previous patients: “I haven’t found any other doctor that has helped me as much as Dr. Drago. For years, my allergies really hindered me from really enjoying my life. I just couldn’t go anywhere without my allergies acting up. Thanks to Dr. Drago, my allergies are steadily improving. He has truly looked after me and helped me find a solution that worked for me.” Patients appreciates the personality that Dr. Paul Drago towards his patients. He’s warm, inviting and possesses an unparalleled patience.

Dr. Paul Drado, is a skilled physician in cosmetic surgery, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and otolaryngology, head and neck surgery. Currently, Dr. Paul Drago serves as Staff Physicial and Otolaryngology Consultant at Hampton Medical Center Varnville, South Carolina. His responsibillities include providing routing medical services, emergency treatment and long term sickness care. The recent employment history of Dr. Paul Drago includes serving at Barnwell Community Hospital, Department of Corrections in South Carolina, Genesis ENT & Palstic Surgery, PLLC, in Charlotte, North Carolina and Central Carolina Ear, Nose, Throat & Audiological Center PA, in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

Dr. Paul Drago- A Medical Practitioner and Board Member of Stewards of Christ

Dr. Paul Drago is a certified otolaryngologist and plastic surgeon able to perform a wide variety of operations and medical procedures. As a medical doctor in South Carolina, Dr. Paul Drago offers a wide range of expertise specific to cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, including PPx therapy, one of the latest techniques used in the field. In addition to that, the services carried out by Dr. Paul include providing routine medical check ups, emergency treatment, and long-term health care.

Dr. Paul Drago received his M.D. from Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1990. Outside of his practice, Dr. Drago has given numerous presentations over the course of his career, which cover a extremely broad range of topics. Aside from his professional life, Dr. Paul Drago is a philanthropist. He is a board member of Stewards of Christ, an organization devoted to the youth and young adults of Mecklenburg County, South Carolina. When not administering medical care, he volunteers with the Charlotte Rescue Mission and several other efforts to feed the homeless in North and South Carolina.

Drpauldrago, South CarolinaWith the help of Stewards of Christ, he is making an effort to free the young adults of the greater Charlotte area from mistreatment and disadvantages so many are currently living with. Dr. Paul Drago is committed to improving the living standards of the disadvantaged in the community, and with the help of Stewards of Christ, has helped many young adults out of their living situation and given opportunities and hope for the future.