Dr.paul Drago-One of the Reputed Plastic Surgeons of the United states

Dr. Paul Drago is truly a man with a splendid heart. The dedication made by him to lift the desires for ordinary solaces of the poor and desperate people is splendid. With the help of Stewards of Christ , Dr. Paul Drago has safeguarded various young grown-up gentlemen out of insecure circumstances and into better lifestyles.

Dr paul dragoDr. Paul Drago is an approved otolaryngologist and plastic expert arranged to perform a wide mix of operations and helpful systems. As a restorative master in South Carolina, Dr. Paul Drago offers a wide degree of capacity particular to pointless and reconstructive plastic surgery, including PPx treatment, a champion amongst the most recent structures utilized as a bit of the field. Notwithstanding it, the responsibilities served by Dr. Paul join giving routine remedial associations, crisis treatment, and entire arrangement enduring thought.
Dr. Paul Drago has gotten his M.D. from Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1990. Outside of his practice, Dr. Drago has given distinctive presentations every through hello calling. He has given unmistakable presentations on a wide degree of core interests.